10 things to know about Antique door knobs before buying

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Antique brass door knobs are unrivaled when it comes to their authentic look. Their pitting and darkness provides usually enhance the pattern. These door knobs came in an extensive range that is simply amazing.

Antique door knobs provide a lot of beauty and detail and they express one’s attention to small details.

Beauty of antique door knobs

Antique door knobs add a touch of class and elegance while at the same time adding an authentic finish to any door. These doors provide a unique appearance to any door and they are quite attractive in appearance.

The good thing about solid brass is that it does not rust.


Although you might not think of door handles when you purchase a new door but home owners should consider buying door handles that are strong and that can last long for a long time to come.

There are various antique brass door knobs that are suitable for any door design or material.

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