Antique glass door knobs – a symbol of aesthetic appeal

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Antique glass door knobs are the perfect example of elegance and master craftsmanship. They are a must have for any connoisseur of art. Having a wide range of designs and encrusted with brass plates, they can transform your living experience with their uniqueness.

These door knobs are the perfect merger of the modern with the antique style. Brass combined with glass adds for a visually stunning combination.

Allure and Magnificence

These antique brass glass door knobs can captivate your guests with their visual brilliance and intricate designs. The centre glass knob covers the underlying brass in a protective covering, giving it a crystalline appearance.

As an added benefit brass does not rust and thus these knobs provide great utility.


Because of antique glass door knobs elegance and traditional appeal, these knobs definitely add to the charm of any household. Usually dark in appearance, they add to the beauty of any door.

Buy these now to add an aesthetic taste to your life style.

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