10 reasons why do we need Auto lock door knob

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Door knobs are mostly installed on the interior doors, their mechanism of operation do not need a key to open, as they automatically lock as you push or pull the door.

Auto lock door knob are applicable in bathrooms, bedroom, storeroom, and passage, they are very convenient in that you do not need a key to lock them, however, they can bring disaster if the keys are left inside while locking the door.
But this problem can be solved by configuring the lock so as not to automatically lock without the key, or be swapped with deadbolts. By these, we minimize chances of being locked out from the houses or rooms.


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Variety of auto lock door knobs

Auto lock door knobs come in variety, like for toilets and bedrooms, keyed entry, non-turning, and closets.

For toilets and bedrooms door knob once locked from inside cannot open unless by the person who is inside this is for privacy purposes, likewise, non-turning can be pulled or pushed and they are ideal for passage and closets
They cannot be underestimated in our house because of their ease of operation and durability while handled with care.
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