Bird door knobs

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bird door knobs photo - 1Door knobs are one of the main elements of the door. This accessory not only performs a decorative function, making the interior of a door more attractive, but it also designed for manual opening. It is the main controller for the door, knob control the lock that is installed in it.

Door knobs can be called as real art, because now there are many delightful designs and models. You can decorate your house with a beautiful and original execution, because it will add comfort and beauty. Door handles or knobs can have different designs and they differ in price, material, size and quality. The first door knobs were made of wood and later of metal and had an uncomplicated form of staples, performing a purely high-functional purpose – for opening and closing the doors.


There are many different designs with animals, geometric shapes, flowers and exclusive models. Bird door knob looks very interesting and authentic. You can choose any bird, from fabulous phoenix to peacock or eagle. Such types of knobs can be made from different materials, so they have different cost and endurance. Some materials for manufacturing bird door knob are classified according to their purpose – external (street) or internal (interior). Most often they are made of the following materials:

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  • Tree. For the manufacture of wooden knobs (hard wood is used). The period of their operation is very long due to this;
  • Made of natural stone. As a rule, they are decorative for the door and have a beautiful cut and carving;
  • Glass. In this case, Bohemian or Murano glass is used. That’s very beautiful. Birds shimmer in the sun and look great;
  • Plastic. Basically, these door knobs are installed in the back rooms (because of it cheap cost). For example, it can be storage room in the flat;
  • Metal. Such kinds of door handles or knobs are made from different types of alloy. It can be stainless steel, aluminum or brass. Also there are forged handmade door knobs. The manufactured knob made of metal, as a rule, has a special covering. For example, it could be chrome-plated or nickel-plated.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the bird door knobs – this item is indispensable in your door
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