Child door knob locks

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Knob is a kind of door handle, which is often round or oval. This handle already has a built-in mechanism for closing and opening the door, as well as a lock. Modern designers create wide variety of such handles for interior doors. Today we will consider the child door knob locks.


Most knobs for interior doors are made of metal alloys. The basis for alloys can serve aluminum, steel, copper, brass, silumin or copper. This is the most durable version of the door knob and resistant to moisture. Brass door knobs are the most favorable for the price. The minuses of the metal can be attributed not very pleasant tactile sensations: knobs are cold to the touch. Cheap models from alloys quickly lose their appearance – darken or “peel off.”

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You need to take a responsible approach to choosing a lock for the children’s room, because first of all this is the safety of your child. Each person chooses a lock and pays attention to the serviceability of the mechanism. This must be taken into account so that your child does not shut the door and the mechanism worked incorrectly. Then you look at the design, because it’s important for your child. It is difficult to choose among a wide variety of wonderful designs with beautiful flowers, stars, cars or birds. It is important to choose the shape of the knob – it should not be too big and have sharp corners.

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Prices for knobs are very encouraging, but perhaps this is the only thing that can be written in their pros. The mechanism is short-lived (regardless of the manufacturer), locking with a key (where necessary) does not provide proper secrecy. But this is not the biggest disadvantage. You can change the knob mechanism only to the same one! The hole in the door, which is carried out during installation, will no longer be covered by any decorative pads of other handles or knobs.


child door knob locks photo - 3You should consider all the pros and cons, because the child door knob locks will ensure the dignity and safety of your child in his room. Check that the mechanism is working properly when installing it.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the child door knob locks – this item is indispensable in your door
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