Giving your Home a Modern Touch – 10 Ways to Get Cool Door Knobs

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One of the latest home trends is striking and cool door knobs. Door handles have moved from being an understated accessory to becoming a center piece. Everyone wants to be part of this tend and we will show you how.

How to get cool door knobs

Buy unique door knobs at specialty stores. This is the easiest method. Even though they may cost a bit more than regular door knobs the effect they will have on hour house is worth it.

Customize your own door knobs

There is a variety of cool door knobs techniques you can use. These include:

  • Using recycled antiques as door knobs. Here you can use anything from giant ladle to a blunt sword. Metal is preferred here because of its durability and the rustic feel it creates.
  • Repainting old door knobs. A fresh coat of paint will bring life to any door handle. If you use a fashionable color it will quickly be transformed into a cool door knob.
  • Using beautiful decorations. You can glue precious stones and pretty jewelry onto your door knobs to make them instantly more attractive.
  • Adding lighting on or around your door knobs. This is quite easy nowadays with LED lights. This will not only make your door knob unique but eye-catching as well.

With this tips you cool door knobs will be the talk of all your guests!


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