10 Benefits of Installing Crystal Door Knobs

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Installing a crystal door knob is going to bring back that enduring traditional style back into your property. There are several crystal door knobs from different brands. There are also various colors which bring back the old school look, with decorative backplates to replace your old vintage door locks.

There are even replacement skeleton key locks when you have old doors and need maintain them of that period.

Several Designs and Styles

Crystal door knobs can be found in different styles, and they provide unique attractiveness you can not just get with the normal door knobs. Even the most ordinary design of a crystal door knob is going to add some touch of style to your home.

With different styles, finishes and designs available, it’s considerably simple to select one which is suitable for the style plus appearance of your door together with surrounding furniture.


Note that crystal door knobs are not advised for use on exterior doors, and in fact utilizing them in exterior applications is going to void the warranty with majority of brands.

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