Disney door knobs

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Door knobs description

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Knobs are door handles that have mechanism of the lock, set of keys and two handles for the both sides of the door. It is very convenient and simple for use so many people prefer to install knobs in the house or flat, for the rooms, kitchen, storage room or bathroom. There are many models, creative approach and wonderful designs from:

  • metal,
  • stone,
  • glass

Metal door knobs are the most reliable and have long term of use. That’s why many families install this type of door handles; it is not expensive and looks great in any kind of interior.


What design and material to choose?


It is a private question for each family, because it is needed to take into account many different factors. For example, knobs for children’s room should be safe, round or any other forms but do not have sharp details. Knobs from stone should not be installed in the bathroom’s door, because temperature swings, evaporation, humidity and fumes are harm for this material. Glass is luxury and could have amazing patterns or pictures inside or on the cover, but it is fragile.


Unusual design


disney door knobs photo - 4Many parents prefer Disney door knobs, because they are funny and look great. There are knobs with cool Disney heroes; your child could choose it by himself. There are many companies that could make any knob you want. Choose your lovely Disney movie or cartoon and think about authentic door knob, it could be made of metal, because stone is very expensive and glass knobs do not have long term of use. Such design could look wonderful in the flat, because it gives special positive atmosphere. If you want to install Disney door knobs, you should decide the main design – the knob with Disney hero could have two similar sides or there will be a simple round knob inside and special design outside the room.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the disney door knobs – this item is indispensable in your door
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