Door knob combination lock

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Knobs are convenient door handles that have a built-in lock mechanism and an original round design. This is a good and simple mechanism for interior doors. Knobs have two handles on each side of the door.

Knobs are very convenient for a flat or a house, because they are safe and practical. You get a lock with two handles, an instant lock mechanism and a set of keys. Most often, these kinds of door handles are closed with a button, but some models can have a combination of a lock. If you enter a number and activate the lock, the mechanism works and closes or opens the door.

The combination of the lock is the choice of modern people who care about the safety of their family. It is not necessary to think that the door knob combination lock is a very difficult system. It will be very simple for those who had used similar locks on a suitcase or in a hotel. One side of the knob has a small panel with numbers; you need to select and enter your unique code. Some locks can have a certain quantity of numbers to activate the lock, while others you can choose yourself. The handle with the panel can be round, oval or rectangular – it does not affect the principle of function. The mechanism is activated or deactivated when you entering your code, so this ensures the security of the room (for example, your personal cabinet). Good knobs with a combination are better to choose from reliable material.


If you decide to buy such knob, then you need to choose a good and durable material. Do not save on your safety, because the numbers could fall and the mechanism may work not correctly. The most common models of knobs with a combination lock are made of brass, steel or aluminum. Chrome or nickel is used also and bronze is used as a covering in very expensive models of this type of handles. So the choice of material depends on your personal taste and interior design.


The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the door knob combination lock – this item is indispensable in your doordoor knob combination lock photo - 1
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