TOP 10 Door knob covers of 2017

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A door handle is an attachment for opening and closing a door manually. It is usually a round knob, handle or door latch device located on the door at an accessible height.

Depending on the type of the handle, their installation requires a hole at the door which is covered with door knob cover for protection against unnecessary injuries.

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Door knob handles and their hazards

In case of the use of door knob, young or very old users finds it challenging to operate them because they require a good grip. They also pose some danger to children as it can cause injuries if not carefully used.

For this and many reasons, the manufacturers have incorporated some features like makingĀ door knob covers.

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In summary, every parent should consider doing careful homework on door handles when building or upgrading the house. Utilization of door knob cover and other attachments like locks should be done to prevent children and old from getting injured.

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