Door knob grip

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Knobs are special types of door handles with a round shape and built-in locking mechanism. If you decide to buy a knob, then you need to choose the material and design. A good knob is made of metal alloy; it will be reliable and durable, unlike the purchase of cheaper models. Plastic knobs break down quickly and the mechanism violates its work. Consequently, the knobs are not designed for installation on the entrance doors, but on the interior doors and utility rooms. Knobs have gained wide popularity all over the world because of its ease installation and ease of use.

    Types of knobs

There are 2 types of knobs, it is the difference in the device of the lock mechanism:

  •  with fixation (key or plumbing spinner).
  •  without fixation.

     Knob grip

Let’s look at door knob grip in detail. Such types of door handles can have round, long, oval or curved grip. It depends on the design, but not on the mechanism of knobs. A beautiful and original knob has a lock for closing the door and keeping it closed. This kind of handle can have a lock combination or a button with numbers or without.

   Modern models of knob grip

Unusual door knobsSome modern hotels use knobs in the rooms and entrances to them. Such knobs are made of durable material and have a reliable lock mechanism. But its main feature is the presence of a magnetic blade for unlocking. It works by using a special card with a unique code.

   Covering and material of knobs

Door knob grip is limited to a few options for the covering, it stylized for various metals: “matte brass”, “gold” or “old bronze”. It is also presented more refined designs, although it is much less common. We can say that the knobs occupy the places of office handles used in various institutions. The budget comes to the fore in this case, but it is also convenient because of its advantages. Nobody wants to waste extra money for exquisite porcelain, wooden or glass knobs, if there is inexpensive metal.  In most stores, hospitals or offices you can find only standard metal knobs with standard colors – it is very convenient, practical to use and have the same mechanism like others.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the door knob grip – this item is indispensable in your door

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