Door knob hole covers

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door knob hole covers Many people choose knobs for houses or flats, because it is a reliable and beautiful element of the door. Knob is a kind of door handle in the form of a ball with a built-in lock mechanism. You do not need to waste time finding locks, elements or keys – all this is in the kit. You get a complete set of good mechanism with interesting design, lock and a set of several keys.

Most often, knobs are used for living rooms or store rooms. The cost of these door handles depends on the material produced and the refinement of the design. There are knobs in the form of a ball – this is a classic model from a metal alloy, there are also models from brass, aluminum, bronze, glass or plastic.

Door knob hole covers may differ from the main mechanism. Another metal or glass is used here. Families with children prefer to make soft coverings for knobs to protect their children from injuries. The metal of the main part of the knob can be made of brass or alloy and the coating is made of glass or bronze. Most often such coatings do not carry any specific function; this is done for style or decor. It should be remembered that bronze makes the knob model more expensive and glass can crack and cause injury.

You can choose any cover but you need to pay attention to reliability first. Now you can buy different knobs with a stunning design of coverings from different materials, but the appearance does not always mean strength and durability.

The coating also needs maintenance and proper use, because bronze can darken and glass can scratch. If the coating has broken, you can replace it without changing the main mechanism or lock. The knob mechanism can not be repaired, because it is necessary to cut the lock out of the door and change the entire construction. But the knobs of good metal have a long service life so you do not have to worry about their repair or replacement.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the door knob hole covers – this item is indispensable in your doordoor knob hole covers photo - 1

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