TOP 10 Door knob parts for 2017

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Door knob parts not only add beauty to your door but they are also the first form of security into your house. Someone once said that if it does not open then it is not your house, a concept never understood by thieves and drunks.

If you ask me,if it does not open it is an excellent door knob, unless you have the key.

There different types of door knobs,the most common ones are

  • keyed door levers
  • keyed door knobs parts
  • keyed door levers
  • keyed Deadbolts

Depending on the different types of door knob parts, the parts of a door knob basically comprises a combination of the following parts

  • Thumb turns
  • Back Plates and Rosettes
  • Locks and Latches
  • Strikes and Keepers
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Keyhole Covers
  • Spindles
  • Set Screws and Washers


It is however important to note that some of the parts might be considered part of the door but you need them in order to have your door knob in place. The purpose of the door knob, cost and place of installing the door knob will also determine the type of door knob to use which will then lead to the parts that will be needed.

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door knob parts photo - 2
door knob parts photo - 3
door knob parts photo - 4
door knob parts photo - 5
door knob parts photo - 10



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