Door knob with combination lock


Door handle is an accessory for its closing and opening, which is one of the necessary elements of the door furniture. The main function of the door handle (for entrance and interior doors) is the control of the lock. Usually, doors have two handles, one on each side.

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Knobs are a kind of round door handle with own look system. It is very convenient handle for rooms in the house or flat, because knobs are safe and comfortable. The lock is without a keyhole for interior doors and without a key in the kit – you also can close this lock (lock the door in the closed position) but only from the inside. There is a special button for this, or it could be a rotary mechanism, which is used by the user.

door knob with combination lock photo - 6Modern people choose door knob with combination lock. The mechanism is very simple: there is a lock with a code on a small panel on one side of the door. You enter the code with small buttons with numbers. The lock mechanism works and the door opens if the code was entered correctly. Design knob can be changed, due to the built-in mechanism with the combination. The knob can be orbicular, rectangular and elongated or oval in shape. It’s not difficult to use such kind of lock, especially if you had used a suitcase with a similar combination of numbers. The principle of operation here is very similar – a set of numbers and setting the code to activate the lock mechanism.

door knob with combination lock photo - 8If you want to have a knob with a combination lock, then you should save on the material. A low price – it is a poor-quality assembly or a bad material (alloy). In this case, the knob will break down or erase quickly, its parts will become damaged and the lock mechanism will start to break and not to work. Models of knobs made of metals are the most popular and most common on the market, there are also alloys of metals such as brass, aluminum or steel. In addition, a specialized coating is often used – it can be chrome or nickel. Bronze can be used as a coating in very expensive models.


The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the door knob with combination lock – this item is indispensable in your doordoor knob with combination lock photo - 1
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