Door knob with lock – the upcoming door knobs generation

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Door knob with lock help us to open the door smoothly, the also help us to easily go from one room to other.We can protect our homes by applying different types of door knobs. now a days in market we can find different types of door knobs like, key block door knob,electronic door knob and etc.

New era

We can see that day by day the world is changing and with that the technologies is also changing.So we can find that in upcoming generation the class of the door knob changed. Now we are using glass door knobs,electronic door knobs,keypad door knobs with lock, and all but in upcoming generation we are able to use the fingerprint door knobs and eye scanning door knobs which make our houses and other important things more protective.

They will be only opened by our finger print and we do not need to be worried about thieves.Now a days we can see that how much effective door knobs applied but the thieves breaks that but they can’t break the finger print door knob lock.


This is the best door knob with lock for our houses because it gives the best protection.

door knob with lock photo - 1
door knob with lock photo - 4
door knob with lock photo - 5
door knob with lock photo - 8
door knob with lock photo - 9



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