Securing and Decorating Doors with Exterior Door Knobs

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Learn more about Securing and Decorating Doors with Exterior Door Knobs

Exterior door knobs provide both a finishing touch to the home and enhanced security by keeping the doors safe and accessible. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and designs depending on the type of door and the purpose it serves. Types of exterior door knobs include:

Keyed Entry Exterior Door Knob

This exterior door knob is best for doors that need a higher security preference. They are designed to be locked and can only be opened using a specific key.

Non-Turning Exterior Door Knob

This specially designed exterior door knob best suits any type of door and is easy to fix and install. It is used as a decorative feature in a door and plays a role of a door pull.

Keypad Exterior Door Knob

They are suitable for highly secured places due to its security keypad designed with. They are best for garage entry doors and high utility rooms with highly restricted entry. They come with entry codes used to open the door.

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