How To Make French Door Knobs Add Style To Your Doors

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Learn more about How To Make French Door Knobs Add Style To Your Doors

French door knobs add that extra touch of stylishness for your French doors. The most important thing to think about is the comfort and beauty of the door and find an appropriate door knob to increase the visual impact.

How to Choose A French Door Knob

The important thing about French doors is that they are usually in a double door configuration, but you can have either one door that is fixed and one that can be opened or else both doors that open fully.

French door knob, must be chosen based on that important fact. If you want only one door to open (this is especially common for large and tall doors over 8 feet tall) then you should get a set of door knobs where one is the working one and another is the dummy (or non-working one) door knob which is just for decoration.

To Lock It Or Not?

If you want both the doors to be open able then you must get a door knob set that has both working door knobs. A second thing to consider for your French door knob set is whether you want to have lockable doors or not. For grand entrance doors, usually the doorknobs will not be lockable. This is called a ‘passage function’ door knob since it just allows anyone to open it. For interior doors, like bedroom doors, it is better to get a lockable door knob set. This is also known as a ‘keyed’ door knob as it comes with a key to lock it.

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