Gatehouse door knobs – Steadfast grip and formidable door handling!

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The trademark Gatehouse door knob is a unison of reliable safety, classy design and economical price tag. It provides a security blanket to your home environment, guarding from potential danger.

Steadfast grip and formidable door handling

The door knobs are built with the finesse of a skilled craftsman. Furthermore, this luxury does not burn a hole in your pocket. Door knob sets from the hardware brand are typically categorised into two variants, Baron and Gallo.

While the Baron door knobs are mushroom shaped, the Gallo ones are styled resembling a tulip. Gatehouse door knobs offer steadfast grip and formidable door handling. They are fit for purpose as electronic entry, keyed entry, passage and privacy door knobs.

They can be fitted aptly to hall, closet, bedroom or bathroom doors. The assorted range of door knobs are available in a multitude of hues and material.


Gatehouse door knobs of stainless steel make are the most preferred for their unmatched longevity. Door knobs with bronze, brass, silicon and rose plate enhance any space with a charming appeal.

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