Glass door knobs – 10 ways to install

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If you’re planning to decorate your home by painting and adding some more décor elements to it, you must think about installing antique glass door knobs. Many people often don’t consider doors as important part of their home décor task and left them unattended.

This is the biggest mistake they make while decorating their homes. These door knobs are the essential accessory and tend to give your home a stupendous yet classical look. Without them, you can’t think of a complete makeover of your home in a great style.

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Features of glass door knobs

The characteristics that emerge and shine from antique glass door knobs are mainly due to the brightness of glass tints that enhance the looks. The value they deliver mostly on how the cut was finalized and how smooth the crystals were precisely trimmed.

Although there are various home décor elements available not only for homeowners but professional home decorators as well, glass door knobs have their shine and finish that give them an added advantage over its competitors. If you want to give a periodic look to your home, there is nothing better than them as these knobs recreate and provide a glimpse of history that comes hand in hand.

You will also amaze by witnessing that these minor door hardware can be very nice and collectible items.

Where to find antique doors knobs

Antique shops, thrift stores, and white elephant shops are some of best avenues where you can go on browsing just to see different types of design style and features available. Should this not sufficient, specialty and upscale markets in antique items will have a wider selection of antique door knobs than the average corner hardware store.

These knobs can also be found as rare collections on closed, guarded shelves, or inside other peoples’ home as an astonishing home fixture and interior decoration. Another most attractive avenue to search for glass door knobs is an internet.

Over the past few years, this medium has gained immense popularity and brought the world closer not only regarding people but e-commerce as well.


Today you can easily buy a product from outside the country. If you wish to give your home a Roman style periodic loo, you can see the range of knobs exclusively belonging to that era. Just log into an online store and choose from a range of antique glass door knobs and get your order delivered right to your doorstep. Just see how easy it is.

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