Handshake door knob

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 Common description

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Knobs are kind of round door handles, that are used inside the flat or a house. It is the most popular type of door handle that is used in modern flats and houses, because it has convenient and simple mechanism. The mechanism connects the handle and a lock. Knobs are safe for children, because it does not have sharp form. Some models could be very different, beautiful and authentic. Many people prefer knobs from the glass or stone material, but metal one is the most popular because it reliable, practical and work long time.


Why knobs?


There is a knob with two handles, lock mechanism and some keys in the standard set of door knob. It installs in the cut place for about 1 meter from the ground, two handles are from the both sides of a door. Knobs could be installed in the door of room, kitchen, bathroom or storage rooms. Many people choose such types of door handles, because knobs:

  • safety,
  • reliable,
  • have long life,
  • are easy to use,
  • have simple or unusual design.



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Knobs have different design, some models are incredible and they are made to order. Classic round handles are the most popular, but there are knobs with Disney heroes, birds, animals, funny faces, handshakes, insects, dragons, and different pictures or patterns on the glass. Handshake door knob could have different size and is made of metal; glass and stone are not used, because it is not reliable and could be damaged during use. Its design is a hand with fingers; it is open palm which calls you to a handshake. It is very funny, but many people think that it is not convenient, because fingers of the knob cling to clothes, when you go by. But the atmosphere and good mood of home hosts is the most important thing. So handshake door knob will be the most preferred for warm, positive and pleasant atmosphere in the house.


The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the handshake door knob – this item is indispensable in your door

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