Keypad door knob – 10 convenient ways to unlock the door

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Thanks to technology, it is now possible to unlock your door without using a key. Keypad door knobs are all the rage now and are ideal if you want to incorporate inexpensive modern finishes in your home.

These knobs are both convenient and easy to use and the good thing is that there are enough varieties to meet different home owners needs.

Choosing a Door Knob with Keypad

Given the fact that there are different options of keypad door knob available, you have to find one that suits your style and perfectly matches other door parts and accessories. You also need to consider the door knob quality.

The best quality knobs come with a lifetime warranty and provide the best security for your home.

Installing the Keypad Door Knob

Keypad door knob is really easy to install. Just replace the old door knob with your keypad one. You can then fasten the door knob in place and program the door knob. The entire process will barely take 10 minutes of your time.




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