Lever door knob child proof

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How do you protect your child at home?

When a child appears in your family, you need to take care of your baby’s safety. You must protect him from all dangers that can wait for him in your home. Now you can buy many different things in order to close the sockets, wires, light bulbs or gas stove. A small child is very curious, he is interested in everything that can be twisted, touched or pressed. Door handles or knobs seem quite safe accessories, but the locks can not work correctly and the child can be closed in the room or lock the access to the flat or house.


If you decide to put the knobs for interior doors then make sure that their mechanisms are working properly. A large variety of knobs is not the best option for a family with a child (it is better to choose a classic round model or a model with a curved handle). Conventional knob models or models with a curved handle are safe for children, but you need to install a special external mechanism lock. The internal lock is already built into the knob and has a button or lever to activate and deactivate it, but your child can turn the knob and slam the door.


lever door knob child proof photo - 4In this case, lever door knob child proof is a guarantee of the child’s safety in the house. This innovation is a plastic nozzle, which is put on a round knob and has a side cut for the door handle. The incision does not allow your child to press and twist the knob until a certain limit, so your child will be able to open the door but will not be able to slam the mechanism. This attachment was liked by many families with small children, because it guarantees their safety and your peace of mind. The plastic base is not durable and does not give 100% guarantee of its serviceability, so you need to check the operating status of the external lock regularly. This simple thing will help you to avoid a lot of problems, so use it and you will see its effectiveness.


The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the lever door knob child proof – this item is indispensable in your door

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