Low profile door knobs

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Knobs are swivel door handles that are constructed in the same way as push-buttons, but the balls activate the mechanism, not the levers. The latch is opened by turning the knob around its axis. Such fittings are more compact than lever, but not always ergonomic. For example, the ball can not be turned with a busy hand, while the lever can always be pressed by the elbow.

Knobs are always neatly performed and presented in various decorative variations. Often they are equipped with a locking latch in the center of the ball. Rotary knobs are the sure choice of many families with children, because it is much safer than other kinds.

The nature of the finish of the material affects the cost of door handles of any type. For example, if the fittings are made of simple brass, the price will be one, but if the brass is trimmed with nickel, then it will be a question of a higher cost. Low-profile door knobs have low cost, so they are widely in demand. But do you need to save on this accessory?


There are two materials of low-profile knobs that have some pros and cons:

Metal knobs (made of brass, aluminum, steel, copper and other alloys) are the most durable and wear-resistant. Brass models are especially popular; this is an ideal combination of price and quality.
           Minuses. Most of the metal handles are very cold to the touch; Budget models with a poor-quality coating quickly lose their presentable appearance; knobs made from inexpensive alloys can be bent or even broken during intensive use.
Plastic knobs are the most inexpensive and short-lived. Many people prefer this material, but only if you will use it accurately. It is not recommended for child’s room, better for storage room.


Minuses. Low quality, it loses it appearance very fast, the color changes and details of its design could break.


The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the low profile door knobs – this item is indispensable in your door

Low Profile door knobs

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