TOP 10 modern door knobs of 2017

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This is an attached object which is used manually to open and close door. The design of modern door knob is simple.


They are not as complex and rigorous as the olden day’s door knob. Majority of this modern door knob are made with popular steel materials. There are different types of modern door knobs with great design.

The modern door knob tends to refer to round operating device or round mechanism. They are quite different from the mid-century door knob in terms of design, prices, durability, weight and materials used for its production.

Mid-century door knob

Door knobs came into being in the 19th century; the first door knob was first made and fabricated in the United State of America. The mid-century door knob in so many ways cannot be compared with the modern door knob, in terms of durability, prices, fabrication and so many other factors.

The mid-century door knob has a lot of different attached fabrication materials, so many things are being brought together to produced it. The material of construction of mid-century door knob is not uniform compared to what is attained in modern door knob.

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