Old door knob parts

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The term “knob” is English word that means a round door handle with mechanism of lock; it could be with fixation or without it. But there is also another term – “knobset”. It is also a knob but with full set of parts for installation. So, the difference between these two terms is very small.

Parts for old door knobsKnob or knobset means a completely ready-to-install kit of latch and door handles, combined in a single design, as well as the mating parts and fastener elements. Knobs are used only in the interior doors of the room – for rooms, sanitary-rooms, pantry doors or pod rooms.

        Old parts for door knob

Knob parts are completely ready for installation. The set consists of a round handle, a latch, a set of response and decorative straps with fastener elements. For their class, the knobs are quite reliable, but the standard cheap models do not differ in strength. Therefore, they are not installed on heavy doors. Old door knob parts do not work with time because of breakage or deterioration. Such parts may be serviceable, but they disrupt the operation of other parts in the lock. Knobs can not be repaired or replaced with one non-working part; if the knob does not work then you need to buy the new type of such handle entirely with the mechanism.

        Variants of set

Knobs have several options:

  • Turntable and key. It allows you to lock the door from the inside with a turntable that blocks the turn of the knob.
  • The turntable and the dead knob, which allow you to lock from the inside. Unlocking from the outside is possible with a spoke through a special hole.
  • Latch knob without built-in latch (through handle knob).


These kinds of knobs are very convenient if you use them for new or old doors. But this kind has one drawback: a special method of installation, which involves drilling from the end and in the very canvas of large diameter holes of almost 52 mm, so you will not be able to replace the button or other old parts. You should replace whole knob with handle and mechanism.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the old door knob parts – this item is indispensable in your doorold door knob parts photo - 1

old door knob parts photo - 5

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