An overview of old door knobs – To knob, or not to knob, that is the question!

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Old door knob is not just an essential item for every household. In earlier days, door knobs were somewhat of a statement piece. However, door knockers were more prevalent at a certain time in history as well.

These came in a variety of shapes and sizes, often accompanied by the family crests or faces of lions.

What were the old door knobs like?

When door knobs did come into practice, they were mostly of a round or oval shape. Crystal door knobs are a stand out example of old door knobs. The antique doorknobs were usually made out of brass or bronze and polished, to give it a sheen.

Various carvings and patterns were also found upon these old door knobs, such as the ‘Drum’ style door knobs, the ‘Egg and Dart’ pattern door knobs, etc.


Classical appeal has long stood the test of time. Similarly, even the correct old door knobs can truly open the door-way to a truly beautiful home.

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