Old door knobs – 10 warm feelings of tradition

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Old door knobs have become more and more used nowadays on classic environments, but also on modern interiors. While a lot of people would think the last one as an out of place practice, expert home designers have taken a liking to the new combination.


The contrast between the old fashioned door knob and the door itself, gives a warm feeling of tradition. Also, since most modern door knobs have a simple design, the use of an old door knob gives a sense of personality to the place.

Especially preferred are the glass vintage door knobs and the embellished bronze ones that go well with the black,white colors (preferred at the moment in the interior design market). These knobs are carefully carved (often handmade).


This feature makes old door knobs a special piece of art in your home or office. There is no need to mention that these products go perfectly well in a more vintage decor. That is their perfect habitat.

What we wanted to show, is that they are not limited to this!

old door knobs photo - 1
old door knobs photo - 5
old door knobs photo - 7
old door knobs photo - 10



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