Padded door knob covers

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High-quality and reliable mechanism of covering, shape and color will make a stylish design of door handle. Knob is a type of door handle, it has different names: swivel handle or ball. In fact, a knob is a set of a door handle and a latch. Currently, knobs are widely represented in the form of a ball and in the form of a classic push handle.

padded door knob covers photo - 3Knob covers

Knobs are made of steel, brass, aluminum or alloy. Padded door knob covers are also used to ensure greater safety for your family. It is necessary to cover knob with several layers of varnish to have a uniform glossy surface. Matt brushed metal handles are also very popular. The choice of the starting material for the production of a stationary handle is more different:

  • metal,
  • ceramics,
  • tree,
  • bone.

The quality of the knob covering is determined by the indicators of resistance to erasure and scratches. The outer covering of the knob should be waterproof for door handles that are mounted on the door of the bathroom. Decorative handles made of softwood are not suitable for bathrooms, because they will quickly become unusable.


Doors and knobs

Miniature and light knobs are mounted on a heavy wooden door will quickly break. And heavy and massive knobs on the lightweight interior door will quickly damage the door leaf. You need to choose a design after you have chosen the interior doors and the type of door knob. The choice is individual for each interior door and each interior. Remember that the door knobs of light metal colors look good on the stern dark doors; it could be nickel, satin or chrome. But the “golden” shades of the door knobs are good on the doors with the texture of the natural wood color: oak, walnut or alder. You need to make its periodic prophylaxis, to clean knobs with a soft cloth without abrasive cleaners and solvents, in order not to damage the covering.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the padded door knob covers – this item is indispensable in your doorPadded door knob Padded door knob  Train Padded door knobColor Padded door knobpadded door knob covers photo - 1



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