Pegasus door knobs

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Common information


pegasus door knobs photo - 2Knobs or other kinds of door handles are very important for the design and interior of the room. There are many models with perfect design, qualitative materials and available price. Knobs are reliable lock mechanisms that will work long term. Both handles of the knob could have different design, not only usual round. It could be big, small, round, triangle and quadratic, with picture, pattern, funny face, hands, birds or animals.


Door knobs with Pegasus


pegasus door knobs photo - 3Knobs could have amazing design, for example, Pegasus door knobs. The model of the door handle is a silhouette, image of this magic creature. It could be made of different material. It depends on the design, because the presence of small parts is not suitable for such material like stone or glass.


Make your choice, but you should take into account some details for installing such design of door knobs. Some of these advices will help you to make right choice and to have wonderful door knobs to add pleasant atmosphere to your living place.

  1. Choose reliable material that will work for long time.
  2. Be sure that mechanism of the lock works and do not have problems with keys.
  3. If there are children in the house, you should protect them from dangerous sharp elements.


pegasus door knobs photo - 4Ceramic knobs with horse are the most popular: it is a picture of Pegasus on a white background of a transparent base. This base has classic round form most of all, but the main color of the knob may differ from the background color where the picture is. If Pegasus door knobs are made of metal or metal alloys, it could be full complete image of a horse with wings and small details. This is a rate design for living room of country house in hunting style. Such knobs are not designed for constant frequent use; it is an accessory, decoration or a chic element of décor.




The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the pegasus door knobs – this item is indispensable in your door
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