An extensive guide on how to Remove and Change door knobs

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We think about a doorknob as omnipresent, yet a closer review can infrequently demonstrate astounding, leaving you to ponder where the screws which holds it in place are.

They’re there, if not totally noticeable at then they are covered under the corrective neckline called the “rose.” When you want to remove a doorknob or change a doorknob, you will be obliged one to reach the screws without interfering with the door.

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Materials required

  • Allen wrench
  • Paper clasp/firm wire
  • Small level-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • New lock set

Below are the steps to follow when you want to remove and change a doorknob:
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Know your handle. Inspect the bolt side of your doorknob, searching for a minor slot or opening; these are detent holes. In case you don’t see it, check rather for the recessed screw which you will extricate using the Allen wrench of suitable size.
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Releasing the knob will depend on how it’s fixed.

  • If you discover an opening, embed the level-head screwdriver & push the detent in order to discharge the handle.
  • If you locate a little gap, utilize a rectified paperclip or a firm wire in order to spring it.
  • For the recessed hex-head screw, you should turn it anticlockwise using an Allen wrench till the handle is free.
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Remove the rose. At times, the rose needs to be removed independently keeping in mind the end goal to uncover the screws which holds the backing plate onto the door. In the event that this is the situation, find the thin space in the crease between the plate & door, embed the tip of the level-head screwdriver, and fly off the rose.
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At that point, unscrew the works. Utilize the Phillips screwdriver in order to remove these screws which run from one support plate to its inverse through the drag gap. The screws holds the whole handle and lock assembly. Remove old knobs, the backing plates, hook, and spindle.
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Replace the lock/latch plate, the bit of metal connected to the door support through which the lock passes once the door is totally shut. Regardless of the possibility that it looks fine, you’ll have to remove & replace it, utilizing the Phillips screwdriver, to guarantee similarity with the new handle equipment.
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Fix the new latch, guaranteeing that the bent striker’s side confronts a similar way the first one did as such the door locks appropriately.


Set the new handle in place, beginning from outside, or bolting side, of your door. (The rose may be a piece of the handle assembly, or it may require being fixed independently, before the handle itself.)

Repeat with the interior handle. Position the axle & the mounting screws through your lock assembly from outside & into the inverse handle’s base. Fix all screws utilizing the Phillips head screwdriver.

Later. slide the handle on the spindle’s end and turn until the detent aligns with access opening. Fix the recessed screws using the Allen wrench when required.


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