Restoration hardware door knobs

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Knob is a convenient kind of door handle with built-in lock mechanism. Such door handles are used for interior doors, sanitary or storage rooms. Convenience consists in fixing the lock on one side. This is a full lock mechanism with a set of keys, a lock and two handles on both sides of the door. This type of door handle is made of different materials; the service life depends on the quality of material.

restoration hardware door knobs photo - 1Knob is a ready-made lock that is installed in the door; you can do it yourself or ask for help from a specialist. The lock design has fastening elements, so you need to make a hole in the door of the desired size and the desired height from the floor. Here we consider the options for materials and find out whether there is a way to repair knobs.


            Choosing knobs

You need to consider many criteria when choosing and buying this type of door handle. It’s not very simple – to choose only nice design of knob. You need to consider the material of the door and the strength of the door hinges so that the knob would not be not very small and light. A heavy and complex knob design should not be used for light and simple doors. This leads to deterioration and damage of the knob. Some parts of the built-in mechanism may break and you should change the lock. Not all knobs could be repaired; most often you need to change it completely. If the knob is cracked or jammed then you can change it to another of the same type, if the lock mechanism is broken then you need to change the knob completely.


            Repair of knob

 A restoration hardware door knob depends on the material of this door handle. There are models from aluminum, bronze or metal alloys. Each material looks great; it has a unique design and different price. The cheaper models can be made of plastic, but these knobs break down and crack quickly. If you do not want to have problems with repair or replacement of a knob, then choose a good model from high-quality and durable material. It is impossible to repair knob in most cases, so you need to change the lock mechanism to a new one. If the handle breaks then you can repair or replace only the ball and the working mechanism remains unchanged.

The page contains beautiful photos of door hardware. Now you are looking at the restoration hardware door knobs – this item is indispensable in your door
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Restoration hardware door knobs Restoration hardware door knobs



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