10 secrets of Vintage door knobs

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Learn more about 10 secrets of Vintage door knobs

The choice for door knobs depends on factors such as the size and the style they bring. The Vintage types have many options such as the vintage glass doorknobs, which suit modern installations.

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Solid and Stylish

One of the characteristics of vintage door knobs is the solid look. The materials used give them a hard and tough look needed for a door. In addition, they offer unique styles and designs that add to the modern and classy look of your door.

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Original Look

The common belief that old is gold applies for a vintage door knob. Most of the knobs maintain an ancient look, although with some modern designs. When combined with a solid wood door, it will give perfect match and an entire original look.

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Antique Art

Vintage Doorknobs have unique arts on the handles, including ancient patterns. These add to the beautiful outlook of the doors, and customers have a choice of customization.

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Vintage types of doorknobs add to the style of your door, in addition to providing durable and reliable service to the users. Most of them such as the vintage glass doorknobs are suitable for all types of doors.



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